Mcafee keeps updating when computer restarts

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Mcafee keeps updating when computer restarts

Otherwise continue with item #1 If your computer is displaying popup windows screens indicating that your computer might be infected and does not let you do anything, you need to restart your computer from the Windows Safe Mode and then continue following the instructions provided below.

How to Restart your computer in "Safe Mode": Go to to download and install the free edition of the software.

Select all the drives to be scanned and choose "Perform Complete Scan".

Once the full scan is over follow the on-screen instructions to clean/delete all the infections found.

Please note that running full scans is not difficult but is a very time consuming task.

It would be a good idea to reserve enough time to complete all scans.

Your computer may require a RESTART to conclude the cleaning process.

Once the full scan is over, follow the on-screen instructions to clean/delete all the infections found.

As you complete full scans on your notebook each program will create a Log Summary at the end of scan activities.

These Logs will help Alumni Medical Library (AML) IT Staff to see the immediate results of your first full scans in case your attempts to clean viruses fail and professional help is needed.

Once installed, check for the newest updates to the definitions.

Once installed and updated you must do a 100% scan of your hard drive and any external storage devices.

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If necessary, repeat this entire process a third time until you don't see any other warning messages.

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