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Free men sex hookups no registration

Walk into the woods to your left as if heading towards Route 11... Many m/f couples go there to fuck around, either in their cars, or off the trails. Make the first right where Route 119 splits off (toward Townsend). This is a busy spot, not sure why it hasn't been listed. I was on a sales call nearby and decided to check out this place around noon. Lots of private wooded spots you can drive or walk into. I stroked his cock and made him soak his suit full of cum. I'm a twenty-two year old bi dude who's new to the whole cruising scene.

Great cruising around Berry Pond across from Andover Sportsmens Club. Park and walk past the covered building along trail. It is still a great place to watch couples go at it, or to occasionally find cock in the woods. Coming from Groton, Townsend, and Littleton, follow Route 119 into Ashby. There are a few parking lots you can park in then follow the trails down to the water. Enough for a good outdoor orgy, if anyone ever shows up. Being from Pittsfield it's not that far of a drive. The parking area is now closed to thwart activity and they will tow you. Just note: there are lots of old straight men (locals) looking for a quick hum... I drove up and down the road thinking the place was dead then I spotted a car drive around... I heard about this place and figured I'd check it out.

Followed them, gave signals I wanted to suck them off but no takers and I am an in shape, good-looking Portuguese guy with a big uncut dick.... Sucked off a bunch of guys, took one guy up the ass, had a little threesome action, and even more guys wanting some as I was winding down. Olsen Hall is open 24 hours a day so the students can get in there to use the labs on the third floor. The highway rest area attracts all sorts of people and many cute young guys. Nahant Beach is on the same stretch but is usually dead at night and not very well lit, more discrete than the L... First of all, that's all the way at the other end of the Lynnway at the Saugus bridge.

There are no security guards and the large spacious bathrooms on the fifth and sixth floors go mo... Second, there is a community watch keeping an eye out from the Starbuc...

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There are tons of signs all over which promise the wrath of God if anyone is caught doing anything re... We chatted for a little until he unleashed his huge thick Latino monster cock.

I left and we went to the steamroom where the vapor make... I went to this place after serving jury duty at the local courthouse. From Route 110 (VFW Highway), turn onto University Avenue at the University of Masschusetts Lowell.

He was definitely looking for action because he stood at that urinal for at least fifteen minutes, looking around. As another guy and I were walking out of the woods a state cop drove up. If you are straight, bi, or just curious come play. I'm a 21 year-old mostly straight dude who sometimes like to get my rocks off with another dude. The road leading to the entrance of Bradley Palmer has been closed for almost a year, so unless you know how to get in through the other end of the road you're out of luck. The cops are keeping an eye on Bradley, Willowdale and the other cruise spot on Winthrop Stree... I was just walking the trails to the right of the parking lot with a friend, not cruising.

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As you come in from Fitchburg there is a parking area on the left side of road with woods and pathways. Guaranteed you will find a new horned up guy just ab... Waited for over an hour and all I got was a married fatty that was having his lunch. This place used to be hopping but the plastic toilet partitions got destroyed by assholes with knives, saws, spray paint, and markers. Travel in numbers and be sure you ford the river on the farther (west) side of the rock wall, as the other side is protected and private. Had oral sex a lot and anal on occasion, and besides that I got a tan (even had time for that! Located just south of the intersection of Grant Road and West Main Street, this is part of the former Fort Devens housing site, now abandoned. I drove through the parking lot a few times at various times...

And a little further down the road (same side of the road) is a parking area with a changing roo... I was there on the first warm day in April about mid-afternoon and got one of the best rimjobs I've ever had from a hot construction worker. It used to be somewhat tasteful with a couple of gloryholes at co... Got off a couple of times here yesterday evening and just got back from there this morning (around 6 am). There tend to be more guys around in the evening and not so mu... Make a left at Shaw's Supermarket and continue past Stop & Shop to the stop sign. Go around the main roadway loop past the lake and park on the left.

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