Dating in your forties todd johnson dating valerie

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Dating in your forties

Eventually I stopped looking at his page—I was turned off from social media all together.

Every other day, he reported on a different date that made the women seem like a fool. I felt bad for the other ladies he was chronicling.As we exited the building he grabbed my arm and locked it inside his, smiling as he walked me down the street.I felt hopeful that we seemed to have a connection.He had two kids, usually a deal-breaker for me, but I decided it was worth a try. Most of the men I met seemed interested, but only texted a few times before vanishing.I thought I had attracted a good assortment of suitors: young artsy men, lawyers, chefs who lived in New York, yet none of them had worked out.

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After I gave him my contact info, he emailed me in the afternoon and called that same evening. A fiercely private person, I didn't respond to the Facebook request, but I said yes to meeting up.