Adult webcam iphone free credits

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New: Resume where last played for web interface, Mezzmo Android, Mezzmo for Roku and Mezzmo for Kodi apps.New: Go to chapter points for videos in web interface. Improved: Web interface layout and display when browsing Mezzmo library.Fixed: Processing ripped DVDs with the flat folder structure.Fixed: Extracting title of DVD from folder / file path. Install our new, free Mezzmo app onto your Roku to browse and stream all your movies, TV shows, videos, music and photos from your Mezzmo library.Fixed: Mezzmo server denied access to Mezzmo (Android) app under certain circumstances. Restrict access to playlists/folders by device or web access user via Playlist Sharing Permissions dialog. Set auto-refresh intervals for folders and linked playlists.Fixed: Web interface direct download icon not displayed for music items. Mezzmo automatically looks for changes (new files, deleted files, etc.) at each interval. Improved: No need to restart Mezzmo server when allowing/denying devices in Media Devices dialog.

Fixed: Active playlists with Content Rating as keyword not generated correctly.

Fixed: Crash when reading non-compliant UPn P / DLNA description from certain devices. New: Support for HTTPS web streaming using NGINX as a reverse proxy. Improved: Support for MP2 and h.264 formats for LG TV 2013 models.

Improved: Better HLS video on-the-fly transcoding and streaming. Fixed: Deleting HLS segment before streaming to device.

Fixed: Desktop capture streaming sometimes displays black videos.

Tip: You must run Mezzmo server as a Console application and not as a Windows service. New: Use PIN code in Mezzmo web interface to bypass any content rating restrictions. Improved: Poster artwork display for Kodi media center.

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Fixed: Play count not incrementing when a file is played. Fixed: Mezzmo server slower streaming bandwidth under certain circumstances resulting in stuttering videos.