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I fully denounce Hollywood and their liberalism, their communism, their social justice, and their faggotry.There is no room for them in a man’s life, and I personally won’t be casually brainwashed and influenced by the anti-American and degenerate content they put out.There is dirt on all the stars, and even most of the famous musicians and rappers.If you research the issue further, the rabbit hole goes much deeper than what I’m describing.

All the “masculine” Hollywood actors you like watching in films have certainly been sodomized or privately humiliated.Many of those boys go on to become “heterosexual” male stars, all because they gave up the ass for a shot at fame.“I never slept with [X-Men producer Bryan Singer] before I was 18,” he writes.No further rumors about Will Smith were disseminated.Within only two days, a challenge to Hollywood’s elite seemed completely squashed. Through submitting to hazing rituals and having gay blackmail hanging over them, they are slaves to the Hollywood elite who give them fame and money in exchange for their complete compliance, including having to display stupid Illuminati symbols in music videos and photo shoots.

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“But after my 18th birthday, I was quickly passed off to him by a friend, Gary Goddard, who was having sex with me at 17.

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