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Therefore after they found out he was dating Julissa, many of his female fans voiced they’d believed he was gay for years and sighed a collective sigh of relief when they learned he wasn’t.

Not sure why, but it could be because if he was gay, it kind of kills the sensual fantasy within his music…for women.

Today (12-13-17) is the brotha’s 50th orbit around ?

READ MORE Despite having undisputable talent, African-Americans have always faced challenges when it comes to getting the props they’re due in Hollywood.

While attending New York's Talent Unlimited High School as a theatre major, Bermudez started auditioning and modeling.

She got her first big break with a Coca-Cola commercial, and she was one of the six finalists who competed to represent singer Jennifer Lopez's sweetface fashion line.

hl=en He even jumped in his comment section to shut down and/or thank those who were being respectful of his love for his lady, Julissa: ** ** By the way, if you’re not fully aware of why their Haitian/Dominican Republic heritage was viewed as a clash by some, here are two commenters who gave better insight into that: ** All in all, we’re happy Maxwell and Julissa have found true love in each other.

It must be really serious to have brought the ever-reclusive Maxwell out of love-life obscurity (if that’s even a thing).

Okay family, many of us have probably been living under a rock when it comes to Maxwell’s celebrity status relationship with a woman most of us know already.Wonder if wedding bells and baby bottles will be next though…Hmmm…Debbi Morgan has been a fan favorite ever since she graced us with her impeccable acting skills and beautiful dimples on Good Times, What’s Happenin’, and All My Children, back in the day. READ MORE ILOSM family, first we’d like to start this thing off by wishing the legendary actor/comedian/singer/pianist- basically the ‘jack of all trades’ entertainer- Jamie Foxx, a happy birthday.R&B crooner Maxwell has been known to keep the company of gorgeous women lately and he looks to be continuing that practice. and TV personality/reality star Julissa Bermudez looking a whole lot like a couple while showing of their tanned and toned physiques on the beach in Miami. What do you think of these two together if they really are a couple?We reached out to an EXTREMELY reliable source close to Julissa to see if these two are officially coupled up…and they told us exactly what the deal is. Julissa’s camp tells BOSSIP exclusively: “They’ve been friends for years. Check out video footage of their beach day in Miami below and keep flipping for more pics of Maxwell and Juli all up on each other, along with a few more shots of Julissa’s mini cakes in a ‘kini.

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