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At the same time, their empathy skills are still developing, and they aren’t fully aware that people’s feelings can be hurt.

So teasing each other may just be a way for them to explore their boundaries and learn more about the world.

Bear in mind that the child doing the teasing may not have intended to be hurtful.

If it was just a one-off, you may not need to do anything beyond comforting your child.

But be sure to emphasise that it's never okay to respond violently.

This will help to reinforce the idea that everyone deserves to be treated with kindness and respect.

They may also tease others because they feel upset, stressed, or insecure themselves.

Young children often don't know what kind of behaviour counts as teasing.

If you wear bifocals or progressives, you can only choose from the lens shapes on the left.

If you wear single vision lenses, you can choose from any of the displayed lens shapes.

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They're still learning about all the ways people can differ from one another, as well as social rules.