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These are all valid angles to take (the whole area is loaded with misogynistic implications), but the issue need not have anything to do with gender.

In 2011, an Irish site called Luas Crush was shut down following intervention by the Data Protection Commissioner, who was less than pleased by the idea of user-submitted photos of men snapped on the Luas being posted online for the delectation of strangers.

The legal principles here involve privacy and data protection.

Privacy tends not to arise when you’re in a public place (though the rule is not quite that simple.

On the other side of the road was someone with his smartphone in his hand, filming them.

Perhaps the footage thus generated has already made it onto You Tube, where it has no doubt generated equal measures of condescending mirth and calls for the mass extermination of heroin addicts.

Women, for example, often have more reason to feel vulnerable in public places than men do.

A spokesman for MSNBC on Sunday confirmed a report that a staffer at the news channel nearly two decades ago had been paid and left her job after she complained she was sexually harassed by "Hardball" host Chris Matthews.

When people find out that I'm an empty nester with a "woman cave" in my New York City apartment, they seem to have a lot of questions.

EDGE spoke to Jones as he prepares to celebrate his 60th birthday.

Democratic Sen.-elect Doug Jones says he doesn't think President Donald Trump should resign over allegations of sexual misconduct, echoing the White House's position that voters have already spoken on the issue.

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Aside from De Curtis' dimensional portrait of Reed, at the core of the book is a complete analysis of Reed's music and the circumstances of Lou's creative life, always entwined with his very guarded private life.