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I got Sean the script of A Good Man In Africa and he loved the role of Dr Murray, but he drove a hard bargain! There are funny, delightful, amusing people, and there’s a very seamy, unpleasant side.’It’s a hot topic, with the allegations of sexual misconduct currently surrounding Harvey Weinstein, among others.‘I never met Weinstein, but I know many people who have worked with him, and there’s no doubt it was an open secret.Boyd is an able artist, a passion he shared with Bowie.‘In the world of Modern Painters, he just became David Jones,’ says Boyd, a fit and friendly 65.

He was a massively heavy smoker when I knew him, constant chain-smoking, but he looked remarkably fit and well.

Lots of anecdotal chit-chat, “Did you hear what Harvey did?

” On the producing side, he was known as Harvey Scissorhands.

It’s all about power.’Boyd was born and raised in West Africa, where his Scottish father worked as a doctor. ‘Almost the whole Sixties I was at a single-sex boarding school in the north of Scotland,’ he sighs.

Not long after he arrived, Prince Charles showed up.‘Charles is four years older, but he overlapped with me. It’s no secret that he didn’t enjoy his time there. We lived in conditions of incredible primitiveness. It’s co-ed and a thriving international school.’Another story in Bethany Mellmoth concerns an author taking elaborate revenge on the critic who gave his novel a pasting.

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He stopped travelling, and that’s when I stopped seeing him.