Highly exudating

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Highly exudating

Richard White Ph D Senior Research Fellow, Tissue Viability Grampian NHS Trust, Aberdeen, Scotland, UK. Cutting MN, RN, Dip N, Cert Ed Principal Lecturer Buckinghamshire Chilterns University College, Chalfont St Giles, Buckinghamshire, UK.Exudate must be effectively managed if the optimal moist environment necessary for wound healing is to be created, and the surrounding skin protected from the risks of maceration.This tool has the potential to assist in the accurate assessment of exudate and lend support in the decision-making process.It offers a method of generating a score relevant to volume and viscosity.This review considers exudate from the perspectives of its nature, composition, assessment and the range of management strategies available.The management of wound exudate requires the clinician to have an understanding of what it is, why it is present and how to monitor and assess it accurately.

It has yet to be determined if the production of this pro-inflammatory agent may be effectively managed through the application of antihistamines.To achieve these goals a detailed knowledge of dressing materials and their performance is required.An understanding of the impact of other treatments and co-morbidities on the production of exudate is also necessary.For example, if a score of 4 is obtained using the exudate continuum (medium volume 3, and low viscosity 1) and this increases to 8 (high volume 5, and medium viscosity 3) over three days then the wound is likely to be deteriorating and may be infected.If the intervention chosen is appropriate, for example an absorbent antimicrobial dressing, then it is likely this will be reflected in a lower score after a few days.

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Its composition includes electrolytes, glucose, cytokines, leukocytes, metalloproteinases, macrophages and micro-organisms [4].