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Adult weblive cam yemen

He was already talking on the phone to some people asking them to be careful because the war had started. I never thought I would ever encounter such a twist in my life.

Its short history is dotted with bouts of civil wars leading to militant Islamist activities – including those of Shiite militant group, the Houthis from northwestern Yemen - declining socio-economic conditions and continued struggle between supporters of Yemen’s president Ali Saleh and his VP, Ali al-Baid from north and south Yemen respectively.

The Republic of Yemen – with capital city of Sanaa - is predominantly Arab with a population of more than 26 million Muslim Shafi (Sunni) and Zaydi (Shia) as well as Jewish, Christian, Hindu and Baha’i living in an area about twice the size of Wyoming.

Yemen is one of the poorest countries in the Arab world for the most part due to its declining oil resources, continued civil war, and a critical water shortage crisis.

I thought then, maybe this is it for me, and I won’t see sunlight or my parents and sisters again. She was asking the same question all night long: “Oh God, what did we do and why is this happening to us? I used to work in the Netherlands Embassy, but they evacuated one month before the war started. I hated it at the beginning and I missed my comfy, soft, cool bed upstairs, but there was nothing I could do especially when the strikes start.

Everyone was trying to hold up and stay strong but I knew there were moments when everyone just lost it and cried their eyes out.

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Water hasn’t come to our house for over a month now. We filled some containers a while ago for emergency use. I feel so horrible for the poor people who can’t afford it.

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